Managing Different Types Of Hair

The haircare products display section has more products than a skincare display at a drugstore or a health care store. A study conducted by unilever illustrated that only one third of the world’s population uses a hairstyling product daily. Almost ninety percent of the world population are not satisfied about how their locks appear. So what can you do to be satisfied about your tresses? Here is a guide to use the right product for each type of hair.


Fine and straight

  • If you have fine hair and you feel like it is losing its volume, you can start using a thickening shampoo and conditioner. L’oreal, garnier, tresemmé and dove are a few globally recognized best haircare products. Lather only on the ends of your hair and rinse it off thoroughly.
  • Heat-protecting sprays are perfect to apply after a shower on the ends of your locks. Comb some mousse through to add a little bit of controlled volume.
  • Dry shampoo is ideal to add texture, grip, and bulk. Don’t forget to wash your hair within a few days.

Thick and straight

  • Using styling oil after a shower followed by a dollop of styling cream.
  • Shine sprays can help reduce the shine of bulky hair making it look dull.
  • Avoid products that will add volume to your strands which

Coiled and twisty

  • Use a deep conditioner and only rinse away half of it. The remaining conditioner will help to keep the shape of the curls and glossy look. Don’t forget to comb through the conditioner after the shower.
  • Use serum or styling oil and twirl your curls with your fingers.
  • Do not use sprays as they can cause hot spots within your curls


  • Make sure you don’t buy unknown buy haircare products online just because it says it can reduce the fizziness. Instead of that you might even lose hair.
  • The only way to maintain this type of locks is to control frizz and puffiness. You don’t need special styling products. Using a frizz- fighting shampoo and conditioner should be matched with lighter styling products that contain natural oils. You can be sure to have smooth hair if followed through.


  • Switch to sulphate-free shampoos which will not result in dry hair. You hair will be well conditioned and the moisture will be locked in.
  • Choose water-based conditioners so that they will not fall flat due to not having enough hydration.
  • Get your curls wet on the days you don’t shampoo. Spread conditioner from the mid-lengths to the end.

Based on the type of locks you possess follow the above guidelines for the perfect hair do.